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  • Modified : 26 Dec 2022

Is it expensive to buy a house from the best builder in Hyderabad?

Owing a good house is probably an age-old dream for most of us out there.

For those living in the bigger cities such as Hyderabad, purchasing a house from a good builder in Hyderabad is definitely a dream come true for many of us.

Being able to get your own house in a metro city like Hyderabad is not merely about making a statement or convenience but also a solid investment opportunity that can reap rewards for you in the later years.

Best builders in Hyderabad

If you are purchasing an apartment from one of the best builders in Hyderabad, your ROI can be up to 40% or more. As a result, investing in one of the best builders in Hyderabad such as SMR Holding is a no-brainer.

Why choose SMR Holdings?

With three decades into the business, our vision of delivering top-quality houses for home seekers in Hyderabad and much of South India has been our guiding light and laid the foundation for our success and our customers' overall satisfaction.

We take pride in delivering beautiful homes made to perfection with our commitment, conviction, and integrity.

As one of the best builders in Hyderabad, we also implement project management and quality control tools to ensure our residents only get world-class living spaces to lay their roots.

Ongoing projects in Hyderabad

We have multiple projects running in and around Hyderabad for home seekers to choose from based on their budget and preferences.

SMR Vinay Iconia ,SMR Vinay Boulderwood , and SMR Vinay Casa Carino are some of the housing projects currently underway and soon to be completed for our home-seekers to visit and choose from.

Our residential apartments are made to stand out and exude class from all around. We create landmarks and not merely living spaces for our residents.

Yet, our prices are surprisingly competitive and we provide a host of financial support to help your dream of owning a home come true.

As per popular belief, purchasing an apartment from a builder in Hyderabad can be a costly affair. Granted, there is a section of home seekers who are looking for more luxurious, palatial, and costly living spaces.

However, a larger section of the market consists of middle-income group families who are looking for more reasonable and practical living spaces which have all the amenities you can ask for without costing you an arm or leg.

So, to answer that one question that is there in everyone’s mind; NO! Buying a house from a good builder in Hyderabad is not as costly as you think.

With increased economic stability, a better job market, higher living standards, and stiff competition among builders, the cost of almost everything we considered unaffordable is very much within our range now which includes owning a prestigious apartment in the beautiful city of Hyderabad!

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