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Telangana Government is planning to develop a new location after Kokapet, which is close to Himayat Sagar.

  • Below Himayat Sagar

  • 600 acres of development

  • Upcoming IT and residential complexes

  • The plan is doing the rounds on WhatsApp

The government plans to develop Hyderabad as a global destination. In the early days of Telangana, CM KCR first thought of build skyscrapers like Malaysia's Petronas Towers in the empty lands around Hussain Sagar. A report will be prepared for that. He explained his plan to the authorities. Otherwise, none of those ideas materialized later. And if CM KCR thinks once, it is a goal forever. It is known that they will achieve. If not, it is reported that instead of Hussain Sagar, Himayat Sagar is making plans to develop the lower part of Sagar. A plan related to this is making rounds in the construction sector. What is there in that plan that attracts the people?

Tourism Department 91 acres

If you look at some western cities, you can see skyscrapers along the sea or river. And, I don't know if they got inspired by seeing them, but it is known that the government is writing plans to build a new world in the lower areas of Himayat Sagar in Hyderabad. About six hundred acres It is reported that the activity has been prepared to build skyscrapers. In the lower part of Himayat Sagar. Voluntary has 131.07 acres, VDOTC 254.04 acres, Tourism Department 91 acres, HMDA 97 acres, and TSERL has some land. If all these are added together, it will be up to six hundred acres. It is reported that HMDA is preparing plans to auction these on a per-acre basis. It is known that it may take two to three months for this idea, which is currently in the initial stage, to materialize.

IT, Residential Complexes.

To develop a walk to work concept on these 600 acres. Will permissions be granted for IT complexes as well as for airstrips? Or will only the construction of IT buildings be allowed? There should be clarity on the matter. However, it is reported that the government is considering allowing mixed development like Dubai. Or all the offices on one side. Officials feel it would be better if all the residential houses in Hyderabad were allowed on the other side. At present 40 to 50-storied buildings are common in the city. More than fifty Skyscrapers are being built in full swing. In this background, it seems that the government's idea is to come up with skyscrapers at a height of about sixty to hundred floors in the lower part of Himayat Sagar. With related international organizations and consultants, it is reported that HMDA is in consultation.

Is this what the metro train is for?

It is known that recently CM KCR laid the foundation stone for the metro rail works at TSPA Junction (Appa). This train passes through the same area. That is, it is reported that the metro train also travels through this area. Hence, some time ago CM It is known that KCR hastily laid the foundation stone for these works. Many people do not know the benefits of the metro train being developed at a cost of Rs.600 crores. If this area becomes a global destination, there will be a great demand for the lands here as it increases. The fact that Rs.60 crore per acre in Kokapet is a must. It seems that the government is planning to auction the lands here at approximately the same rate.

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