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We are committed to provide a lavish lifestyle for homeowners seeking to live in serenity which are results oriented experience for our clients.


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5th Floor, SMR House, Plot No. 73, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082

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Best Construction Company in Hyderabad, Telangana

World-class apartments with a localized perspective from the best construction company in Hyderabad.

Looking to purchase an apartment from the best construction company in Hyderabad? – Good news is; there are a number of reputed developers in Hyderabad that buyers can choose from. To make this easy, customers will need to lay emphasis on what exactly they require and their budget before they finalise on the apartment and the developer.

In our astute observation, there are few attributes that developers need to possess in order to be worthy of the coveted title of being considered as the good construction company; well-built apartments to suit a wide range of home seekers, amenities that will make the residents life convenient and safe, competitively priced apartments with a number of finance options to choose from, and a team of professional staff who will provide all the assistance home seekers need to complete the process smoothly and transparently.

SMR Holdings is one of the leading builders and developers in Hyderabad that offers its customers a wide portfolio of world-class homes with a touch of localized perspectives to choose from. We have multiple projects running in and around Hyderabad for home seekers to choose from based on their budget and preferences.

SMR Vinay Iconia, SMR Boulderwood, and SMR Vinay Casa Carino are some of the housing projects currently underway and soon to be completed and ready for accommodation.

History of SMR Holdings:

With 30 years of solid experience, we have made a niche for ourselves in the market by providing homes to buyers that not only exudes quality but also match each customer's taste and aspiration. That’s not all; our world-class project management tools, quality checks allow us to minimise wastage and reduce costs which allows us to reduce the cost of our apartments further.

This, undoubtedly, makes us one of the top contenders for the coveted title of being the reputed construction company in Hyderabad. With increased competition among builders, the cost of apartments has also reduced considerably over the years while residents are also being offered a number of provisions and other forms of conveniences to attract buyers.

At SMR Holdings, in addition to all the benefits aforementioned, we also strive to provide a flourishing community for families to be a part of which allows them to create a conducive environment for raising children. Being considered as one of the leading builders in Hyderabad is only incidental for us, we care more about the good word spread by the 10,000 families who are happily settled in our world-class settlements across entire South India.

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