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Why Vastu is Important?

Vastu Shastra is the traditional architecture system followed by the Hindus in India. It specifies the methodology to be followed when selecting luxury apartments in Hyderabad so as to channelize positive energy in people’s lives. If properly implemented, Vastu techniques bring in peace and prosperity.

Vastu was employed initially for the construction of Hindu temples. Subsequently, the principles and techniques were extended to residential and office buildings. Vastu mostly deals with directions and the type of building materials used, among certain other factors.

The origin of Vastu can be traced to as far back as 5,000 years. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Vastu’ means a site or the foundation of a house. On the other hand, ‘Shastra’ refers to science or teaching. Therefore, Vastu Shastra means ‘science of construction’. Vastu has been found to contribute positively to the following aspects of life:

  • Improving your earning potential
  • Rising up in your career ladder
  • Succeeding in your studies
  • Enhancing marital bliss
  • Enabling better health
  • Relieving tensions and anxieties

Everyone wants to live in peace in a house of their own. According to Vastu Shastra, five elements of nature have to be balanced before constructing a house. The five elements of nature are earth, air, fire, water, and space. This is because the entire universe and all the living beings are made up of these elements.

In the case of buildings, one element dominates each direction. Presence of a balance or an imbalance among these elements makes your home a heaven or hell.

Space- Akasha or space shelters all other elements. Space is the primary conductor of all energies. It represents expansion, enhancement, spread, communication, extension, and even the thought process. Space dominates the West. In the balanced state, space allows you to take charge of your destiny, giving you direction and the ability to be organized. Space also enables you to understand new and creative ideas.

Air - Vayu or air supports life on earth. Air dominates the East. In the balanced state, air encourages you to try out new things, explore your inner-self, and take risks to grow personally and financially. You will come across people who will be part of your growth and you will put in an impressive performance.

Earth - Bhumi or earth is all-powerful and self-sustaining. Earth exemplifies stability, infinite patience, balance, and maturity. In built-up spaces, earth dominates the centre and diagonal directions. When there is a balance of this element, your life becomes more stable in terms of your career, behaviour, relationships, and results. It encourages peace and harmony, especially with blood relations.

Water - The core aspect of all living beings is Jala or water. It relates to clarity of thought, the conception of new ideas, creating a new vision, flow of new opportunities, healing energy, immunity, and health restoration. The northern side of buildings is dominated by water. When water exists in a balanced state, you will be able to see a bigger picture of life.

Fire - Agni or fire represents heat and light and it drives all life processes. It is related to money in this modern era. The southern side is dominated by fire. In a balanced state, Agni brings fame and recognition. It gives you the zeal, power, confidence, strength, and money.

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