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Gated Community in Gachibowli with Cricket Ground

The Cricket Ground Chronicles by SMR Vinay Iconia

A decade of success in residential development showcases our commitment to accurate planning, creating homes that offer sophisticated interiors and a diverse range of amenities, bringing peace and satisfaction to countless families.

SMR Vinay Iconia enjoys a prime location in Kondapur and Gachibowli, offering residents accessibility to IT hubs, which ensures urban convenience and serene surroundings. Experience luxury in 11 designed towers, ranging from 20-35 floors, setting standards for contemporary living in luxury apartments.

SMR offers 2550 thoughtfully crafted apartments, with 2,3 & 4 BHK apartments. Each residence is a haven of luxury, featuring modern designs, premium finishes, and spacious layouts redefining comforts. Our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance ensures a secure and peaceful living environment for your family with a GHMC-approved gated community.

Full-Fledged Cricket Ground

SMR Vinay Iconia stands out with a distinctive project highlight- a full-fledged cricket ground. While many gated community apartments feature a cricket pitch, SMR Vinay Iconia elevates the game by providing a dedicated Cricket ground. This unique amenity sets the project apart, offering residents an expansive and professional space for the sport.

Cricket Ground isn’t a feature, it's a symbol of the community’s commitment to providing exceptional and comprehensive recreational facilities for its residents, experiencing home-field thrills.

Expansive and Professional Space

SMR’s cricket ground isn’t just for entertainment, it's a space that encourages personal growth. The residents revel in the exclusive access to a cricket ground crafted for both expansiveness and professional standards. This inviting space encourages sports enthusiasts to refine their sports skills, creating a strong sense of camaraderie among the community members.

A Symbol of Commitment

The ground isn’t merely a recreational feature, it’s a symbol of the project’s commitment to offering residents an all-encompassing living experience. It reflects the understanding that a home is not just a structure; it’s a community that enhances and enriches the lives of the members.

While the luxury apartments at SMR Vinay Iconia speak for themselves, the addition of a cricket ground expands the definition of lavish living. Residents aren’t just investing in a home; they are becoming a part of the community that values and caters to their diverse interests, providing an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Finally, SMR’s residential houses go beyond the conventional definition of a living space. They offer a canvas for you to build a home where your cricketing dreams can unfold, they are strategically located to ensure easy access to cricketing facilities, making it convenient for you to indulge in your favourite sport. Welcome to the world where your love for cricket finds its perfect match in a luxury gated community at SMR.

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