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How to childproof your House

As innocent as they are, children can create havoc once they start crawling or walking. To prevent accidents that may cause serious harm to your child, take measures to babyproof your house.

Sharp corners of tables and edges of furniture pieces need to be covered to ensure kids don’t hurt themselves. Plastic/foam corners available in stores or online, serve as a temporary but effective solution. They are found in different colors so you can find one matching your furniture.

Artefacts and art pieces should be affixed to shelves or surfaces with double sided tape to hold them in place. This way the child cannot easily topple the pieces.

Switches and power sockets covered with child guards are important, however also make sure there is no mishap even if the child plays with the switch boards. In such a system, the plug cannot be operated unless a sharp device is inserted into the socket. Ensure switches for geysers/air conditioners are at a height so the child cannot access them.

Install Door Closers so that doors shut very slowly and gently to prevent the child’s hand or leg from getting caught when the door shuts. And also making sure that the door is closed and your child doesn't sneak out.

Appliances like vacuum cleaners, set top boxes, toasters etc should be covered and out of reach of the child. These should never be left plugged in with a child around to avoid mishaps.

Heavy coffee table books should ideally be put out of the child’s reach.

Keep room layout as open as possible by moving loose furniture. This will give your child enough obstacle free space to run around.

Ensure that the access to the kitchen is also limited because kitchen has the most number of Hazardous objects in any house.

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