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Guide to select right amenities while choosing a new house.

Nowadays all new apartment buildings are coming up with new ways to attract customers. Though they might be true in delivering what they promise, the question arises as to if all of it is required. Most amenities may not be useful to everyone.

Below are a few basic amenities that are largely provided by top builders in Hyderabad. Prioritize your needs and then select the house.

Elevator - If you are looking for a house in a multi storied apartment, lift is one of the most important things you need to look for. As a house consists of people from different age groups, staircase is not always the best option. Make sure there are enough lifts in the apartment for smooth transaction.

Car parking - Car parking has become one of the biggest problems in many buildings these days. Most houses are built with limited parking, forcing the residents to park vehicles outside making it insecure. Make sure that your new house to accommodate your vehicles and also vehicles that you may purchase in future.

Power back up - Ready to move in apartments in Bangalore A power cut is always an inconvenience disrupting your activity. Having a 24 hours backup definitely helps as many of our basic requirements won't be interrupted. With 24 hrs backup you won't sweat on a hot day, your mobiles, tablets, laptops will never run out of battery, you won't have to miss your TV time and many more. Make sure even the Lift has 24 hours backup.

Security - House is the best place where you will feel the safest. Make sure that your house has the latest surveillance technology equipped. Also enquire about additional add ons like “Intercom, smart security system, 24hr security personnel, electric fencing etc. Nothing can match the feeling of having a peice of mind.

Children's play area - While adults have to work at the office, children's work is to play. Having a children's play area will ensure that the child is always busy playing in real rather than playing on a phone/computer. A children's park also helps a child develop skills and giving them more exposure to the real world.

Vastu - Vastu has been an integral part of everyday house selection and construction. Having a harmonizing vastu ensures that you are at your best of health and with the freshest of minds. Most houses advertise that they are Vastu compliant, but always have an expert take a look. A properly vastu compliant house will attract more wealth, strengthens bonds and relationships and brings joy and happiness.

Swimming pool - One of the reasons why people avoid Swimming pool is that they have to drive all the way to get to one. Having a pool within the building cuts your trip to the other swimming pools. If you are looking for a home with a swimming pool, make sure that there is proper water filtration system and also a dedicated pool for toddlers/children.

Gym - A gym has become a part of almost every new apartment building built. With everyone becoming more health conscious, every new apartment building built is equipped with gyms and also aerobics. With a gym a few steps from the house, it's going to be easy to stay fit. When looking for a house with Gym, check if there is a Gym instructor available and the types of types of equipment they carry.

Club - Many of the newly constructed apartment buildings have a special space for a club. Having a club within the premises will help you relieve the stress generated throughout the day or week. Many societies organize parties, events, and games to keep the social bond strong and to know each other better. Though it is not an important thing to look for, if you have one, you will use it.

Sports - Everyone loves to play a sport or two. Keeping this in mind many apartment houses are now equipped with courts for different games like basketball, tennis, football, and cricket. Check where your interest lies and choose the right house. Check for the maintenance of the courts and know more about the fees if any beforehand. Staying fit will keep you stay happy.

Indoor games - Indoor games are very popular amongst kids. Many apartment buildings even have indoor games for adults ranging from a Snooker table to Table tennis. With many options to play from like Carroms, chess, and other board games, you will never get bored. Indoor games can be accessed in any season and help build stronger bonds among kids.

Amphitheater - With an amphitheater built within the premises, all your functions and events can be organized just a stone throw distance. Most of the amphitheaters can accommodate a large audience. If you want your new house to have an amphitheater, check for the seating capacity and space.

SMR Holdings is one of top builders in Hyderabad and it is a place where you can get all the requirements for house needed. Currently projects are SMR Vinay Iconia one of the best flats for sale in Kondapur/Gachibowli region or Luxury apartments for sale in kondapur/ Gachibowli region. SMR Vinay CasaCarino is a villas project from SMR Holdings which is gated community villas in hyderabad or luxury villas in Hyderabad it is constructed with Lap swimming pool at first floor of villa. Every villa is constructed with one Lap swimming pool which makes luxury villas in hyderabad. Currently new project has started at Bandlaguda SMR Vinay Boulderwoods which is uniquely designed for ultra luxury apartments in hyderabad which makes best flats for sale in Bandlaguda Jagir region.

You dont buy a house everyday. So make sure you are getting what you need.

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