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Dos and don’ts for sharing a rented space

Many working professionals and students prefer renting a shared accommodation over an independent space. While it may be economical, there are a plethora of other factors which require attention, particularly if it is your first time. examines and shares a list of the dos and don’ts of sharing a rented space.

Sharing a rented apartment has become a common practice. People from different walks of life, whether working or studying, prefer to take up shared residential spaces to cut down on monthly expenses. However, many fail to understand the latent challenges of such set-ups. Thus, those who are desirous of taking a shared rented space must know the dos and don’ts to avoid regretting later.


Decide on your flat mate

Carefully examine the advertisements or posts on social media when looking for a shared space. If a tenant posts the ad for a flat mate, consider the age, gender and profession of the person. A huge age gap can lead to disparity in thinking and lifestyles. Also, pay due heed to the work profile. For instance, if you are a BPO professional and work in a rotational shift, look for a partner with a similar work profile or someone who has a similar work shift to evade chances of future disputes. Similarly, students should scout for people from an academic background to dodge problems. Besides, afore you move into the house, take reviews from the landlord as it would give a better idea of the personality and habits of the person.

Rent agreement

Incorporate the names of all the flat mates in the rental agreement. Not only it makes each one individual responsible for the rent but also prevents you from becoming a scapegoat in case the property gets damaged. Besides, if there is an agreement in place, it legally abides both the tenant and the landlord to the rules set in it, thereby, reducing the chances of future conflict. However, it is essential to read the rent agreement carefully and understand the implications of the clauses incorporated.

Split the bills

One of the prime reasons for people to move into sharing a residential arrangement is ‘savings’. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek for contributions in utility and grocery bills. Split the bill equally amongst all the members and clear the dues immediately, as unsettled bills could be a cause of discord amongst flat mates. Also, ensure that it is not only one person’s responsibility to sort the bills and ask others for contribution.

Safety guidelines

Since all the house mates have equal rights on the property and you must share the entrance door keys with your mates, avoid keeping valuables at home. Also, dodge sharing the keys with other friends. Putting your security at stake can cost you high.

Contents insurance

Considering content insurance can prevent you from significant losses. Though not mandatory, taking the content insurance policy may cover a wide range of things:

  • Furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Sports equipment
  • Apparels
  • Books
  • Gadgets, appliances and electronics



Letting the rental space to someone else can lead to a legal dispute. As per the law, landlords can take legal action against a tenant if they sublet the property unlawfully.

“Unlawful subletting includes renting either a part of the property or the entire property to someone else without seeking the written permission of the landlord. Many landlords follow stringent rules and are intolerant towards any nuisance, thus be cautious,” Pawan Jasuja, Director, FindMyProperty.

Misuse the property

Avoid all types of constructions and alterations on the wall and floors such as wallpapers, wall decals, carpeting, without taking landlords approval on it. Also, check the place carefully. Right from taps, faucets, mirrors, wardrobes, fans, geysers and air conditioner, check everything when planning to finalise the deal. In case of any damage, immediately report to the landlord.

The purpose of sharing a rented space is to cut down the expenses and save. Therefore, play safe and keep the landlord informed to avoid a dent in your pocket later.

Overall, sharing a rented space is exciting. Not only you share bills, but also you have a company when new to the city. However, evaluate the options and follow the above list of dos and don’ts to avoid future complications.

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