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Buying VS Renting

Buying a house vs Renting a house is one of the never-ending debates because both have goods and bads. It’s impossible to say renting or buying is a better decision because each one of these factors depends on your unique situation.

You have to consider where you live, what kind of house you’re looking for, how much you pay in rent, how much you’ll pay in the future and so on. Let us look at the cons and pros, and a few things that you should have thought about if you are planning to consider buying or renting a new house.

Renting Prosr - No maintenance, freedom to change location, No EMI’s

Buying Pros - Lifelong asset, measure of financial success, No rents

Renting Cons - Lifelong rent, no asset

Buying Cons - Maintenance

There are also some factors that change from person to person. Below are a few other reasons that you need to check.

What’s your budget?

If you are at a point of taking the decision of whether buying a house or renting one, the budget is something that you should plan first. If you are in plans of paying EMI’s (Loan), then you have to act wisely because EMI’s on houses is a long-term commitment, meaning you will have to pay your EMI’s for many months. The only other option is to rent, but you still pay monthly rent. Here comes the Conflict of EMI’s vs Rent. Whether you rent a house or buy a house on EMI’s, you will still be paying monthly for the house. Know the difference between these two amounts to knowing the answer. On the other hand, if you have the money ready to buy a house, you can blindly buy it, because you wouldn't have any commitments of monthly payments.

How long are you planning to live in the house?

A house is a lifelong asset. People have their own reasons to buy a house. Some buy it just to invest, and some buy a house to make it their home. If you are planning to convert a house to your Home, you might be in a dilemma of Buying VS Renting. Calculating the entire expenditure over a long span will get you the math. There are many websites that calculate and tell you how long you would be paying rent if you do not buy it. Based on researchers, it is found that buying, is the best option if you are looking to live in the same house for even more than a decade. As much as it does come down to the numbers, there’s still more that goes into the decision.

Decide on the Neighbourhood - In many cases, people prefer renting than buying, because houses are just too expensive. But it all depends on the market in your area. If renting is extremely costly in your area, it might be more affordable to buy a home. Also the appreciation of house changes from location to location. Check the trend of appreciation of the new house to get an even better estimate of how profitable the deal is. Houses located on the city outskirts are mostly priced low, but will surely gain more land value over time as the city grows and outskirts become part of city.

Buying a home isn’t a good or bad idea on its own. It has everything to do with your own situation. Sometimes, buying a home is the smart thing to do; other times, it really isn’t. Whether or not it’s smart for you will depend on the above factors. Remember, even though your home is one of your main assets, you shouldn’t give up your entire savings, especially your retirement savings, just to own a house. At SMR, we have houses ready to move in at affordable prices. Come experience the feel of luxury with many different options at different locations.

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